Is it worth it to jailbreak your iPhone in 2020? Do you still have a lot to gain or Apple already included all the amazing features everyone ever wanted? The short answer is YES! You should jailbreak your iPhone in 2020. And the reason is the tweaks that are still being released and make the experience better in many ways. We discussed here some amazing tweaks to install in your device after you are jailbroken. But now we are talking about more productivity and usability tweaks which will improve the usage instead of aspect only.

We have recently seen that the latest version of iOS 13 which is signed by Apple and available to everyone has been jailbroken with a 0day exploit by pwn20wnd. This jailbreak doesn’t stop only in this version. Pwn20wnd and his hacker team unc0ver made sure their jailbreak will work on all versions from iOS 11 to iOS 13.5 making this the biggest jailbreak ever. You can learn how to jailbreak by reading the step by step guide we wrote. 


Is jailbreaking dead?

Many are claiming that the jailbreak is drying or that is already dead due to many features that used to be jailbreak exclusives, now ported to the standard iOS. Some of these features used to be night mode, night shift, raise to wake, notification grouping, smaller volume hud, changing camera setting from the camera app, and more. This list could continue and shows why people loved to jailbreak more before than now, but that doesn’t mean jailbreak is useless. 

Today, many choose to not jailbreak anymore because it doesn’t bring that much necessary utility. Apple worked a lot with iOS to be good enough for most people and due to this reason people prefer to say default. The jailbreak developer community has also decreased, with fewer tweaks being developed compared with what used to be in the past.


Why you should jailbreak in 2020 

As we discussed here there are still so many things you can add to your device which Apple didn’t and you can create your own experience. Creating your own experience can represent your freedom with your device and many like that. You can change all the aspects of your phone starting with themes for the icon, menus. Change the layout of your home screen and change the entire way the lock screen is looking.

Another way to change the aspect is by changing the UI of certain things of iOS. For example, making Siri use only a small portion of the screen and not take everything or adding the swipe gestures to old devices prior to iPhone X. Now we are going to discuss some of these tweaks which make the iPhone more useful in some ways.


Improving the browsing experience

As the default browser on all iPhones and iPads, Safari is supposed to tick all boxes and allow the users to do a lot of the work easily and without problems. That is already partially true, but it can be improved as developers of Safari Features and Safari Electro 2 proved. These 2 will improve Safari by adding a few important features such as a bookmarks bar, tab bar, web page switcher, tabbed browsing. 

safari feature tab switching

safari feature

Safari Electro 2

Download Tweak

Safari Features

Download Tweak


Better Call notification & UI

Sometimes you are doing some work on your phone, or you are texting someone and you get a phone call. You could answer or reject, but at the same time you might not want to answer and you don’t have a choice just to wait for the voice mail. A tweak called CallBar XS could help you a lot. This tweak will reshape the UI for the call screen and instead of using the entire screen, it will only use an extremely small amount as seen in the photo. 

This tweak could also help you if you are in a phone call and still want to do other tasks. Send images or messages to some else, maybe read something. CallBar XS is a very powerful tool and a must in many of the cases.

call bar xs call bar xs dark mode

CallBar XS

Download Tweak


Better File Manager

If you use a computer you are familiar with a file manager and you know that it is very important in a computer. On your iPhone, you will also have one but it is very basic and most of the time not that useful. If you download something from safari, that file will stay in safari and you cand find it in the File app unless you specifically save it to. You cant have folders on your own device only in the cloud which most people don’t want. Every time you save something you will be asked where to save it and not save it directly in your phone files app.

A tweak called Filza will save you all the trouble and give you full access to the file system of your iOS. This could be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing, so make sure you don’t delete anything you don’t understand.

filza file manager

Filza File Manager

Download Tweak



This feature is present on Mac and iPad and it is very useful. However, it never made its way to iPhones. Picture-in-Picture allows you to have a floating video over your screen which will not go away if you close the app. This feature will allow you to do multitasking while you still have the video on your screen. 

picture in picture

Perseus Picture-in-Picture

Download Tweak



iOS is not perfect and jailbreaking can help you approach that perfect state. You should still jailbreak your iPhone in 2020 and customize your phone to your liking in order yo crease your productivity or just get a new aspect instead of the old boring iOS 7 and onward UI design. Tweaks such as CallBar XS or Perseus will give a better experience and better look to your iPhone.


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