Unlocking a security lock with your fingerprint is one of the most popular ways of unlocking anything after the number pin code. This technology starts to be used very early in the tech industry however, in smartphones it only became relevant after Apple’s Special event in September 2013 when iPhone 5S was announced. Now in 2020, the TouchID will come back in the iPhone 11S or iPhone 12.

One of the most selling features of the 5S was its fingerprint sensor (also known as TouchID) which allowed the user to unlock their smartphone just by touching it. That was something everyone wanted to try and use in front of everyone else. Since that moment, fingerprint sensors were highly spread into the industry, and most of the phones still use one to this day.


Did Apple abandon TouchID?

After the release of iPhone X in September 2017, Apple stopped using 3D touch in any of their future devices and they confirmed into an interview that they no longer plan to bring it back due to the fact that it is not as secure as the new FaceID which is a hundred times more secured due to unique faces. However, leaks are starting to come around and tell us that Apple started to work again with TouchID and that can mean only one thing. They will bring it back.

touch id apple iphone 5 

Why will Apple bring the TouchID back?

The tech reached new levels of complexity and you might already saw around phones with the fingerprint under the display allowing them to not have a big notch for a face scanner to unlock the phone. This technology with the under-the-screen sensors will most probably be used in the next iPhone in 2020 or this is what our big leakers say. This tech will be a new opportunity for Apple to innovate by taking an existing product and perfecting it to a new standard in which no one knew they needed it.


The new Apple Fullscreen TouchID

Yes. Apple will put a spin-off on something already old as they always do. Every other phone on the market with an under the screen fingerprint reader only covers a very small area perfect to read a finger. There is only one phone from Xiaomi which managed to cover a much larger part of the lower screen allowing you to touch wherever you want to unlock the phone, but that phone never made it into the market and it is remembered as a concept phone. However, Apple wants to make this real and even better by having the entire screen a fingerprint sensor, allowing you to press wherever you want to unlock the screen and even more.

samsung patent of a fullscreen fingerprint 

Other features of the Fullscreen TouchID

What does it mean to have such a big fingerprint sensor? And why is that useful? Well, Apple doesn’t want just to unlock your phone, they want to make your phone impenetrable by using not allowing anyone to use your iPhone if they don’t have your fingerprint. The future Apple phones will still use the FaceID for the security purpose, but the phone will still be locked on your fingers and no one can use it even if it is unlocked.


Problems with this kind of technology

By having a fingerprint sensor under your display, that means the display must be somehow transparent to allow the light from your finger to reach the sensor. By using this kind of transparency will make the screen look a little worst then it should, but because these sensors are usually used in very small areas of your display, people cannot usually see the difference when the screen is on. For Apple and its full-screen sensor, this problem will probably much bigger. Apple is known to have screens panels with very accurate color reproduction and if they must change that for this huge screen sensor the quality will much likely decrease. We believe that Apple is taking their time to create this big sensor properly by their standards but at the same time wait for the display technology to improve as much as needed to don’t be problematic when combined with something like an under the screen fingerprint scanner.


Is this coming in the 2020 iPhone?

As many can imagine, this sounds very futuristic and improbable from Apple to release it next year. But we have a big number of leakers around the world which all time to time remind us of this work being carried in their research facilities and leakers proved that most of the stuff they talk about will be released at a point or another. This feature seems likely to be somewhere ready to be released, but I do not believe it is 2020. Not enough leaks are available confirming a 2020 release and until that we can say that this feature is not ready yet.

iphone x face id  


Apple stopped using the TouchID in their iPhones after the iPhone X was released. New leaks show that apple started working with TouchID technology again even if they said into an interview that they won’t do it again. We believe Apple works on a full-screen fingerprint sensor which will only respond to touch from certain fingerprints and nothing else making your phone even more secured. FaceID will still be used due to better security. This technology will most probably won’t be available in the 2020 iPhone.



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