Every year in September Apple release a new iPhones and also makes available to the public their new iOS version. This year, or more precisely in a few days (19th of September 2019) the new iOS 13 update will show up as a notification into your setting apps under General and Software Update. If this will not show up to you, be patient, sometimes it takes time for the update to reach everyone, alternatively, you can force the update by using iTunes on a Mac or Windows Machine.
After updating the first thing you will probably do is look for new changes, find what is new and useful in this update. Well, I’m here to give you a sneak peek into a few of the most interesting hidden features of the new iOS 13.


The volume indicator has changed

After using the same volume indicator for the entire life of iOS, Apple has finally decided to give it a new modern and more useful design. The new design will no longer cover you content and stay on your screen forever, a small and nice cylinder will pop from the left side of your screen right next to your volume buttons and if you press a 2nd time on the same volume button the cylinder will shrink and be just a very slim bar which won’t cover nearly anything on your screen. They also included nice haptic feedback when the volume is at 100% or 0% to let you know that you reached the end of the volume steps.
This is one of the most requested features and Apple finally delivered to their user.

new volume hud ios 13


Control your iPhone or iPad with a mouse or trackpad

This might be one of the most useful features for the iPad users which will allow them to feel a little more “Pro” while using their iDevice but not only, you can do the same thing on an iPhone as well!

Before you rush to connect your Bluetooth mouse/trackpad to your iDevice, you have to enable the feature in the Settings App. Just go to Accessibility >>> Touch >>> Assistive Touch and turn it on. From there you can go and connect your Bluetooth device. The pointer will not look like your standard computer pointer, because it was made to simulate a touch so, it is represented by a somehow big circle on your screen, you have few customization options in the settings listed above.


You can charge your battery smarter

Apple introduced a new feature called “Optimised battery charging” which can be found in the Battery Health Page in the Settings App (Battery >>> Battery Health). After you enable it, the phone will learn your routine and will charge your phone correspondingly.

But what does that mean? What does this feature actually do? Well, as you should already know, a battery will sooner or later need to be replaced due to how the chemicals inside work. Their life span can be improved if you charge it correctly and this feature will help you do that. If you leave your phone to charge overnight as many users do, the phone will stay at 100% for many hours which will damage your battery, but will this feature, the phone will charge up to 80% and hold there until sometime before you wake up (based on your routine learned by your iDevice) and the phone will start charging too 100% right before your alarm goes off for example. This way you save the battery and keep your phone alive longer.

optimised battery charging settings ios 13


Download any file from the internet with Safari

If you try to download files with Safari today, you will find out that you can only download specific files which are recognized and can be directly used by the iOS. From iOS 13 this will change. If you go online and try to download files with unique extensions unrecognized by iOS, you will see a small new icon on the top right of the screen which will show you the download progress and if you tap on it, a small pop-up window will show up on which you can see all the files you are downloading, their size and progress, a cancel button for the download and a magnifying glass icon which will open the Files App to show you where the file was saved.

You can also use AirDrop and share these files with other people which are also using iOS 13, or you can just transfer them to your Mac or Computer to start working on other projects.

Download any file in safari ios 13


Connect to a Wi-Fi Router or Bluetooth device from Control Center

Instead of going into the Settings app every time you want to connect to a network or connect to a Bluetooth device, Apple made a feature which allows you to do all of these from Control Center and save time by not doing unnecessary trips to the Settings App.

What you have to do first is open the Control Center, and Force Touch or Long Press on the Wi-Fi Icon, the same icon which allows you to disable or enable the Wi-Fi. After you Force Touched/Long Pressed the button, a new window will pop-up on your screen and it will start to search for all the Wireless networks around you. You can select a network or go to the Wi-Fi Setting by pressing the specific button at the bottom of the window which will open the Settings App for you.

You can do the exact same thing with the Bluetooth Icon and all your paired devices or new devices will show in the new window.

wifi selection from control center ios 13


Save some of your network data with Low Data Mode

Similar to how Low Power Mode was introduced in iOS 9 to save some of your battery by turning off unnecessary background tasks, iOS 13 will do the same for your Data. This new feature is aimed toward the people who have a monthly data cap from their carrier and who don’t want their precious data to be gone for no reason. Using Low Data Mode will make your phone no longer run certain tasks in the background like checking your time zone, making sure your time is correct, download new emails or upload your photos into iCloud Photo Library. Some of these might not save a lot of data but is a good plus for your device.

This feature is not turned on by default, so you have to go to the Settings App >>> Cellular >>> Cellular Data Options and enable Low Data Mode.

low data mode ios 13


You can download any App or Game from App Store with mobile data

Maybe you are not aware but right now you will not be able to download any application which is bigger than 200MB from App Store if you are not connected to Wi-Fi. The iPhone users requested for years that this feature should be removed or that a toggle should be added in order for some people to turn it off. In iOS 13, Apple delivered this request.

If you go to the Settings App >>> iTunes & App Store >>> App Downloads you can change the behavior of this feature. For example, you can make App Store always ask you really want to download that Application while not on Wi-Fi, or just ask you if the file is over 200MB in order to not use all your data allowance, and finally you can just turn it off and allow all Applications to be downloaded without any confirmation messages.

remove app download limit ios 13



Your volume indicator will no longer block your screen while changing the volume, from now on you can use a mouse or trackpad with your iPhone or iPad by enabling a feature, your battery will charge smarter and will save your battery from degrading, you can just download anything with Safari, open Control Center and connect to any Wireless Network or Bluetooth Device, save some of your mobile data allowances by enabling a feature and download any Application side from AppStore when you are not connected to Wi-Fi.



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