At this time of the year, June 2020, you should wait for the iPhone 12 which is around 4 months away. Why would you do that? It might be crazy or not to find out, but the next iPhone 12 it’s going to be the best iPhone ever made. Does this sound familiar? Well, that is something we hear at every iPhone launch and now it became something iconic. Apple is never going to release a slower iPhone than what is already on the market. Event he iPhone SE 2 has the latest processor inside.


The fastest, most powerful iPhone yet” – Phill Schiller

It’s a huge leap forward in mobile computing performance” – Phill Schiller

The most advanced iPhone we have ever created” –  Tim Cook


At this point, we are hearing leaks about everything. Some examples are MacBooks moving to ARM Processors or Apple ditches Samsung’s displays for LG and most importantly how iOS 14 has been leaked since December. At this rate, by the time anything new from Apple is released, there won’t be anything very special to be surprised for. However, for the iPhone 12, there are some things that are changing and makes it more interesting compared with other iPhones lines in the past year.

All of these details are coming from famous leakers such as Jon Prosser, Max Weinbach, and EverythingApplePro who are trusted around the internet and proved themselves to be right in many cases. These leakers in many cases work together in order to share only true leaks and spread them around the internet with great visuals and reasoning.

iphone 12 concept blue color

The design of the iPhone 12

Since iPhone 6 in 2015, Apple kept reusing the same curve design for the body of their flagships, and the only thing which changed since then, its the screen in the iPhone X release. In iPhone 12 we are not going to see this design again. We are not going to see the same rounded edges around the screen and body, but more of a square or rectangle design with rounded side corners as seen in the old iPhone 5. Many people still consider the iPhone 5 design as one of the best Apple ever had and looks like Apple is listening and re-releasing this design.

You can imagine the next iPhone will be a mix of the latest iPad Pro and the current frosted back glass which can be found on the iPhone 11 line-up. We don’t expect it to be a pure copy of the iPhone 5 but a modernized upgrade.

iphone 12 concept black

The iPhone 12 Line-up in 2020

As we learned from last week when we talked about Apple moving OLED production to LG, there is a chance we will see 4 iPhone 12 models as follows:

  • iPhone 12 with a 5.4-inch display
  • iPhone 12 Max with a 6.1-inch display
  • iPhone 12 Pro with a 6.1-inch display
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max with a 6.7-inch display

This line-up makes sense. It offers a budget and pro model in 2 screen sizes each in order to allow everyone to choose what they prefer for a high or lower price. Some people might not use all the pro features but they still want a large screen, therefore they can save money by getting the iPhone 12 Max. Apple wants to make sure that there is a phone for everyone, and as they did in the past they will make sure that they have a wide line-up at different price points to allow all people to get something.

iphone 12 line up

All OLED Displays

All of these models will feature OLED displayed, for the first time, so we can say goodbye to the old LCDs and low resolution. Running OLED will mean we are going to save more battery life due to how these panels work. All LCD panels will have a backlight in order to light the pixels up and you to see them. This will make the black colors be brighter than they should. It is not possible to light only a part of the display, but OLED solves this problem. OLED makes its own light from each pixel, and when some pixels are turned off these look truly black and will save power instead of having the light behind all of them all the time.

iphone smaller notch

FaceID will stay

This is not going to go away at this point. Even if some people were hoping for a hole-punch camera, that won’t be possible to be used as a true secured FaceID. Therefore, Apple is keeping its unique FaceID security system for unlocking the phone, but it will shrink down and it will also work from better and wider angles. That means we will have more space in the top bar and it won’t be as long from the top. It could also be possible for the phone to read your face when it flat on the table and you don’t have to pick it up to unlock it, or maybe even when you hold the phone in landscape mode as it does on the iPad Pro. 

It’s great to see that Apple improved FaceID even if it took a few years. They are even testing the landscape reading on the iPad which has a smaller market share than the iPhone, so when they add it to all iPhones, the feature will be perfect and tested.

iphone 12 concept white

Cameras will improve

It was great last year to see how much the cameras improved, but Apple will not stop improving, and this year they are going to move again into a new level. There are rumors which says that the iPhone will move to 64 megapixels on the main camera, which currently on iPhone 11 is at 12 megapixels. However other leakers shutdown this leak and they claimed that Apple will wait for another year in order to do it right. Why you would ask? Having many megapixels doesn’t mean good photos. If the camera has more pixels, they will shrink down a lot and not enough light will be absorbed by those, and therefore the shots might get worst. This leak might still be true and we have to wait to find out.

Other things which will improve will be the HDR, which is already great, but improvements are always accepted. There will also be faster auto-focus, and this could be because a new camera sensor will be added. Other upgrades will be on the low light function which might include dark sky photography also known as astrophotography. Some other small improvements will be for slow motion and portrait mode.


The A14 Processor

All of the above will be possible due to the new ARM Processor which as expected, will be “The fastest processor Apple has ever made”. These processors are not good only on paper and benchmarks they also perform well in a day to day life and will keep doing that for years. If you try and iPhone 7 or 8, you won’t see a lot of differences in the experience. Some applications might load faster and some games might run at better frames per second, but overall by having a powerful processor will allow the iPhone to be future proof. An example would be the iPhone 6S which based on leaks it will get the iOS 14 update. 5 or 6 years of updates and security patches is a lot when we compare to Android which usually gets a maximum of 2 years.

parts of arm cpu explained

5G in All iPhone 12 lineup

Apple bought Intel’s modem business, and leakers now expect that this year Apple will include 5G chips they created using this business into all the new models. Even if Apple won’t go with their new Intel Modem company, they will still go with Qualcomm 5G to make the iPhone 12 line-up future proof for high internet speeds. 

There multiple wavelengths for 5G, the fastest one is millimeter waves which Apple won’t include in the next iPhones, but they will include the sub 6 which will usually give you 200-300 Mbps all the time. One of the factors for this decision is that millimeter waves don’t work through walls and these eat a lot of battery which might be a big problem. 


Pro-Motion 120Hz display

This will be a feature that will be available only to the Pro models and is something that was supposed to be here much earlier. iPads received the Pro-Motion display for 2 years now on their LCD panels but Apple didn’t manage to add this feature to OLED due to technology limitations. This is going to change this year as Samsung is making the OLED panels for the Pro models and they are able to create the 120Hz OLED.

ipad pro lidar sensor

Lidar Sensor

This is another exclusive Pro model feature that was introduced into the latest iPad Pro this March. This sensor was only used for AR at this moment and some developers are using it to map the environment using 3rd part apps. A Lidar sensor can be found in robots or self-driving cars and we expect when it will be introduced into the iPhone, it will come with other benefits as well. Some of these could be better portrait mode because this sensor can literally see what is in front and back and it doesn’t need to estimate using 2 cameras. Some more Portrait mode features might also be introduced such as different modes or specific features for lidar only.


Other small improvements

There will be a lot more improvements which Apple will or will not present on the stage, but based on leaks some of these will be a better telephoto lens which will move from 2x to 3x zoom. We could also see night mode using the telephoto but this feature might still not be available fro the wide lens camera. Another very important feature will be the starting storage space will be 128Gb which in 2020 is a must. All iPhone 12 models will benefit from 128 as the start storage and if you pay extra you can get 256 or 512Gb of storage.

And one of the most important which would make people buy this phone is the new night blue color which is here to replace the green. Every time Apple is releasing an iPhone with a new color they will sell a lot of units just because people want to show that they got the latest model with the unique blue color.

iphone 12 line up render


The iPhone 12 line-up is a very good upgrade from the iPhone 11, which most of the time is hard to say. This year all iPhone 12 will have OLED displays with a smaller notch. 5G will also come to all models and a new dark blue color. The Camera, FaceID, and the new A14 Processor will also improve and be faster. The pro version of the iPhone 12 will benefit from a 120Hz refresh rate and a lidar sensor as seen in the latest iPad Pro. There will be 4 models in the iPhone 12 this year and all of them will start at 128Gb storage. All of this information is coming from famous leakers and we expect to see more details as we get close to the release date in September 2020.


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