MacOS Catalina has been updated to version 10.15.5 and it brings new important updates that will save your battery in the long term. This update comes at around 3.37GB but it might be different for some of you depending on the MacBook model and current macOS version. However, you should expect it to be at least over 3GB. In the new update, there are a few new features, some bug fixes around macOS, and many very important security patches that will make your computer safer overall. We are going to start with the features because these are the most interesting parts of the update.

macos 10.15.5 update window


Battery Health Manager

This is one of the greatest features of this update. By having this enabled, you are going to save your battery life in the long term. The computer will use AI to learn how you are using and when you are charging you MacBook, and after predict when you need 100% battery or if it’s safe to charge it only up to 80%. By charging to only 80% and never going under 20% you are not wearing your battery that much and therefore you are going to save its performance for the future. This feature will allow you to use your battery for a longer time by not losing more than 20% of the maximum capacity that easily otherwise you might require a replacement battery. You can find out more about how it works by reading this article.

macos battery health window


FaceTime Update

This is regarding the way the people in a group FaceTime are shown on your screen. This feature has been already in use on iOS but only now it made its way to macOS. This feature is called Automatic Prominence and can be found in the preference settings on FaceTime.

Automatic Prominence will change the main person who is on the screen during a group FaceTime by checking the audio level on that person. An example would be having a FaceTime with 10 people. These won’t fit on the screen at the same time, therefore FaceTime will check for audio level increase and pop your video up on other’s screens when you talk. This feature is very helpful when in a large group and can be turned off if you prefer to not see people changing on your screen all the time.

facetime preferences macos


Pro Display XDR Color Settings

If you have the very expensive Apple Pro Display XDR, from now you can change the color profile to match other displays or other projects. This is very useful for people in the industry who depend a lot on their color correction and the final editing work they do. For example, a movie which will be available on an online streaming service and a movie which will be in cinemas will look and be different. Editors will work with different color profiles to represent what people will actually see because a Projection in cinema and an LCD or OLED tv will definitely look different. You can access the color profiles by opening the system preferences, display and select color on the top of the sections.

The checkbox labeled “Show profiles for this display only” will show all your available profiles made specifically for your display. If you uncheck it, you can match your display color to other monitors you connected to. This way your work will look the same on both screens. This is possible due to Apple screens having a large color range and are able to represent many profiles.

pro display color profiles


Bug Fixes

This is all with the features, more will definitely come at WWDC later this month. Now we are looking into solved bugs which will make the experience much better to all of us running macOS.

One of the most important bugs fixed was password problems on the login screen. Some users were not able to log in even if they were using the right password. It is very important to everyone that this bug is now fixed, I don’t think anyone wants to be locked out. This bug also proves why it is important to keep your macOS updated all the time.

There was a bug in the Reminders App that was causing notifications to not be sent by recurring reminders. That is now fixed, so if you have been affected, now you can be sure all the notifications will be shown.

group facetime ipad iphone

A bug in System Preferences was showing a false notification badge on the icon like there would be an update or required action in iCloud. This is a harmless bug but I see this could have been annoying to many users.

A bug in the Webcam was preventing to rejoin online video meetings such as Zoom or Skype. This bug happened after closing a conference and trying to rejoin it again. The camera would not work due to some bad internal settings which are now fixed in the macOS update.

For the MacBook with the T2 chip, some users were not able to see and control the speakers from the System Preferences. This bug was causing the T2 chip to block the speakers at the hardware level. These would have not even be shown in the settings or give any output. This bug is now fixed, so if you had it, you should check if everything works fine.

In the Photos app, if you have the option to sync the photos between your devices while your Mac is asleep, sometimes this was not working. The iCloud Photo library was also affected by this bug, However, both of these should be fixed now in this update.

If you are using the latest Mac Pro and you were running RAID array in your storage you might have some problems while transferring a larger amount of data. This only occurred to people who were using their Mac Pros with a lot of data traffic and it is important that this update fixed that bug. We expect a pro machine to do the work we need.

accesibility reduced motion

The function reduce motion was not working properly for some people while using facetime. This feature works in the same way it does on iOS, it changes the animation from moving to fate, but FaceTime had some bugs with it due to the new Automatic Prominence feature.

Applications for video conferences or which are handling video files and are also using GPU acceleration will now benefit from better performance. This is due to some bug fixes for video handling at the GPU level. Extra performance from bugs is always welcome.

If you are using Exchange with Conditional Access you might have had some problems signing in. That problem has been fixed now and it works correctly.

The latest 16-inch MacBook Pro has some problems with the external displays which were not turning on after sleep. This was a problem that has been now fixed in this macOS update and when you move your cursor all the displays, external and internal will wake up.


All these changes are also available to macOS Mojave and High Sierra as a security update. This proves how Apple takes care of all their users even if the latest macOS version is free to update to. Read the full changelog of the update from Apple.

pro display xdr



Keeping your macOS updates is very important. Some of these updates will bring you new features like new display color profiles facetime features and the most important, a battery manager to slowly save your battery. These updates will most of the time also fix many bugs, and some bugs might even increase the performance of your GPU acceleration for applications that are using video or fix very important bugs which would not allow you to log in even if you have the right password. You can update your Mac to the latest version of macOS 10.15.5 by opening the System Preferences and navigating to Software Update.


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