Having early leaks for the next Apple iOS 14 is not something new, we see this pattern every year. Leaks about the new features, changes, or looks are being discovered by mistake or leaked by developers. However, this time it has come to our attention that an iOS 14 has been leaked since the 10th of December 2019. The entire build of iOS 14 with all the files and code available. This is one of the biggest leaks and it can mean many things.

At this time, we know based on media that some hackers are sharing this build and used it since December. But we don’t know if iOS 14 leak came from hackers or if a developer helped to share this build as some estimate. Some twitter users such as Majin Bu and Joseph Cox told the internet that they got their hands on the iOS 14 build. Another interesting part is that they said references for iPhone 12 and the A14 chip can be found in the code. 

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Where did the leak come from

Usually, the iOS versions are announced at WWDC in June (next WWDC will be 22nd of June 2020) and after release in September alongside the next iPhone and will include additional features for that specific iPhone model. We found out about this massive leak exactly 1 month before iOS 14 would have been announced. Usually, we see screenshots, videos, or just inside notes about the next version but this time everything was leaked and we didn’t get too much information.

Based on some Reddit sources, we believe someone has bought an iPhone 11 which was running the iOS 14 build. The iPhone had its root access opened and therefore the entire system was able to be copied. This is very unusual from Apple to leave unreleased software open for copying and also proves that the hackers had help from inside the development facility. We cannot fully trust these sources but it allows us to make an idea because otherwise it will be very hard to hack Apple’s servers in order to steal only an iOS 14 build.


What could this leak mean for everyone?

People on Reddit are talking that they (the hackers) are sharing the build around in order to find vulnerabilities that at the end of the day these will be sold to governments for iOS unlocking or any type of hacking over an iPhone device. Apple is known to not leave backdoors to its government or others, therefore such exploits in the system will make everything less secure. Usually, with a locked system as your usual iOS is, you can find exploits that easily, but now with everything being unlocked that protection is not present anymore and it makes the hackers’ job a lot easier.

We can look at this problem from a different point of view as well. Hacker might report these vulnerabilities and exploits to Apple and therefore the leaked iOS 14 will end up being more secured for release. There are people who are looking for the bounties on certain iOS exploits placed by Apple contractors such as Zerodium. This company is a bug broker company that will pay for exploits so apple can fix them. 

Another interesting fact is that Zerodium stopped accepting new exploits for Apple on the 13th of May because they are overwhelmed by the high amount already submitted. This proves how other hackers and jailbreak developers such as Pwn20wnd who described iOS 13 as the worst and buggies iOS ever. 

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What is happening now after the leak

If you check the hashtag #AppleInternals on twitter we can find many tweets as described above from different people and hackers that they are getting their hands on the build. There are also tweets about deals being done on the internet for the build to be sold to other interested people. Based on comments, what people are sharing is indeed the true leaked iOS 14.

Apple will have to deal with this problem in some way to prevent anything bad happening with their devices. They could either delay the release. Or maybe hope that people will share these problems in the system with them in order to be fixed. Apple is known for the company that takes privacy very seriously and they will most probably make a public announcement about this in the near future. We could also expect them to share vulnerabilities and problems in iOS which could have impacted other people now or in the future.

The jailbreak community enjoys the leaked iOS 14 and hopes that the number of bugs and exploits they find will allow them to maintain a full jailbreak for the entire iOS 14 lifetime.


What is iOS 14 like?

This leaked build is very new and for now, people are only talking about referencing toward the iPhone 12 without specifying any specific feature this device will have. People who have access to the build are mostly spending their time on the security side and they don’t share too much about the overall experience of iOS 14. However, we still got some information about what features we can see in the next version which will be discussed tomorrow. Find out what the iOS 14 will bring to the public.

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iOS 14 was leaked back in December based on dates in the code files. People are sharing and selling the build around the internet which could mean good and bad things. Exploits could be used in the future to penetrate the security in iPhones. These could be also used to find problems in the current iOS 13 versions. Apple will most probably take some sort of action and we know there are people who are sharing the bugs and problems they find with Apple in order to be fixed by the release. This is one of the biggest leaks for Apple, where the entire unreleased iOS 14 was leaked.


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