3 new iPhones have released this September (10th of September), iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max and all of them come with some surprises. But should you upgrade? The standard and budget version (iPhone 11) is here to replace last year’s iPhone XR which used to have 1 camera. This year it gets another one with ultra-wide-angle lenses together with upgraded internals, better battery life, and same 720p LCD Display as last year. The other models, iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max are replacing the iPhone XS and XS Max. This page lets you find everything about 2020 iPhone upgrades and why you shouldn’t upgrade to 2020 iPhones in 2019.

These 2 also got the new ultra-wide-angle camera and they also kept the telephoto with a total of 3 cameras, the new same improvements as the standard iPhone 11 and they still have the same OLED Screen. Here you will find leaked specifications of 2020 iPhones and new designs. All of these still have the same design, this being the 3rd year Apple is using the same design, before being used in iPhone X and XS. All 3 still start at 64GB of storage and you will be charged quite an amount of money to upgrade to 256 or 512GB of storage, 128 not being available.


But should you buy them?

You can probably see that there is not too many new things and features in the new iPhones and mostly just the same phones from last year with a new processor, a new camera and few other small adjustments. So, overall, I recommend to not buy these iPhones unless you want to. The reason behind my decision is the number of leaks on the internet about the next iPhone which tells us a much better deal is coming. Ben Geskin, a very popular and trustworthy leaker has a very promising prediction about the iPhone 12 Pro which should make the phone worth the money. The next iPhone will potentially have the next features:

iphone 11 and 11 pro


All-new design (5.4-inch / 6.7-inch)

Based on leaks Apple will return to the old iPhone 4/5 square type body design which even to this day is considered by many one of the best designs of the iPhone. This time they will have a full-screen display which will make this design look much better than it used to be in the past. 


Camera function upgrade (ToF)

This type of camera won’t be something you can directly use from the Camera app. It is actually considered as a sensor which can be used to measure distances from your phone to a wall or object in front of the camera. You can also scan objects and measure their volume. Help for indoor navigation which can be very useful for indoor GPS which is still not to this day ready for prime time. You can use it for object avoidance which I don’t believe will be the case in an iPhone. It can also do gesture recognition or object tracking which most probably will be used in AR apps for better accuracy. Overall this ToF camera is a very special sensor which can be used with 3D Imaging/scanning or augmented reality.

iphone augmented reality gps feature 


ProMotion 120Hz OLED Display

You might recognize this name, “ProMotion”. It is already available into some Pro iPad Models which are using an LCD screen at 120Hz which is double compared with an iPhone. If you don’t know what that means, it makes your screen change images 2 times faster. In 1 second of animation, the phone changed the images 120 times. This will make everything look very smooth and fast. However, these were used with LSD, many inferior types of displays and the new iPhones are using OLED which until this year was not possible to run at 120Hz.


Reverse Wireless Charging

Some leaks say that this year’s iPhone might have this feature built-in as hardware, but it was not activated by Apple in their software. If these leaks will be proven wrong, then much probably we will see this tech next year. With a reverse wireless charging feature, you can changer other phones (which support wireless charging) or other devices like AirPods.


5nm A14 Processor Chip

Of course, every year the iPhone will be faster, but next year is going to be special because the technology evolves so much that we will have 5nm transistors in our processors. That means we can fit more transistors and generate more performance from the same space while using less battery.


In-Display Touch ID

As discussed in the last article, an in-display fingerprint sensor is a new thing which makes everything more interesting but can cause some dropbacks. Short story, apple might have a Touch ID sensor under the entire screen and only the person with the registered finger can control the device. Any other touches won’t be recognized, and the phone can’t be used at all.

samsung patent of a fullscreen fingerprint


Smaller notch

We all wished the notch was not there, but if we want a very comprehensive face scanner, we must accept it. Based on leaks apple is working in combining some of the sensors in the notch which will make the notch smaller while maintaining the same performance and features. By next year we should also see an increase in the speed of the Face ID compared with current generations which sometimes take a very long time to recognize a registered face.


USB Type C

One of everyone’s dream is to no longer have to carry all types of charging cables around. If Apple will implement USB C in the next iPhone as they did with the latest iPad, you will be able to charge your MacBook, iPad, and iPhone with just 1 cable and 1 power brick (hopefully a powerful one). This year Apple already implemented lighting to USB C which is a good step forward, but we hope to get USB C to USB C connectors next year to encourage future technology.

usb c iphone 12 2020 concept



You probably saw some ads about 5G from some of the mobile carriers, but as an overall current state of 5G, it is not ready, and barely available in some locations. But when you buy a phone you should consider if its future proof or not and having a 5G Chip inside is a big bonus for current and future users of this technology. 5G will bring download and upload speed of around 1500 Mbps in specific conditions.



You should wait for the 2020 iPhone. It will come with many surprises and it will have the next features or changes: All new design, a new ToF camera for AR, ProMotion 120Hz OLED Display, Reverse Wireless Charging, new smaller and faster 5nm processor, Touch ID under the display, Smaller notch, USB C as main connector and 5G support for future-proofing.



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