As you probably just jailbroke your device using the updated unc0ver version 5.0.0 created by Pwn20wnd in collaboration with EverythingApplePro (aka PhoneRebel) you need to spice up your phone with the best ios 13.5 tweaks from Cydia in 2020. These Top Tweaks will make your iPhone or iPad more useful by adding new functionality and better looking with great and unique designs. iOS Jailbreak Themes are also great to change the overall look of the phone with new icons and menus. If you didn’t already jailbreak your iPhone learn how to do it by using unc0ver created by Pwn20wnd.

After Pwn20wnd has been silent on Twitter since March, yesterday he released the announcement that unc0ver will be updated to support the latest signed Apple iOS version (iOS 13.5). Therefore, its time to install all the lovely tweaks everyone was waiting for.


Best iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13, and iOS 13.5 Jailbreak Tweak:



This allows you to use Apple Watch modules on your lock screen as you can see in the image. These can be used in any order and you can have a maximum of 10 on the screen in 2 columns. Complications will bring the same functionality as the modules on the watch, you can see the weather, light intensity, rain probability, and more without opening the app. You can even have your apple watch battery on the screen.

complications tweak ios13

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This is an alternative for the famous Priority Hub tweak which was discontinued. It will allow you to group your notifications in a better way. You will have a list of notifications classified by the app icon on your screen. You just have to tap the specific icon you want to check and only these notifications will show. If you tap and hold one of these icons for a short time, you can clear all the notifications from that icon or clear everything.

axon tweak ios13

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One of the best tweaks for ios 13.5 which allows you to change to a better version of the old control center. As you can see in the image this tweak is the best looking. You can customize everything about it. You can change the order of the toggles and sliders, you can remove them if you prefer to or add more of them in a row. It looks very good in dark mode and you can change how to access it. You can either open it from the top or bottom of the screen.

prysm tweak ios13

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It brings Apple’s Airpower animation to your iPhone. These animations were supposed to be played when an Apple device would be placed on the airpower wireless charger but now you can use them whenever you charge your phone over cable or wireless.

Maple2 tweak ios13

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You can now customize the lock screen bottom toggles with any other app you have installed or other iOS functions. This can be very useful if you want to record a story very fast for your Instagram account. You will just have to hold the toggle and if the phone is unlocked the application will open straight on your screen.

Quickls tweak ios13

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This tweak is the best for home screen icon layout customization. You can choose how many icons you want on each row or column, how much space you want between the icon, what side the icons should be and you can also change the offset from the sides of the screen. For example you can push everything lower and leave more empty space on the top for other tweaks.

cuboid tweak ios13

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Springtomize 5

A very famous and top tweak for the past 5 versions of iOS. It allows you to customize most of the experience in iOS. You can change the icon layout as Cuboid or you can change the animations speed to make your phone feel faster, change the way the app switcher works. You can make your app switcher look like the version in iOS 14 and as on iPadOS. Other things you can change are the folders, control center, lock screen, notification center, status bar, and the pages dots.

springtomize tweak ios13

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This tweak will allow you to create invisible icons on your screen in order for you to move some of your icons to the right side and prevent them from always staying in a row. You cand add as many as you want and change the way the icon layout is locked by Apple.

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This tweak will break the iPadOS or iPad’s dock into your iPhone. You can now add as many icons as you want on the dock and it will scale them down in order to fit on the screen. You will also have the option to keep up to 3 recent used apps on the right side of the dock in order to quickly get back to these you were just using. If you choose you can also hide this section in the dock.

floating dock tweak ios13

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KillX Pro

This small tweak will add an X on your app switcher and will allow you to drag down apps in order to close all the opened ones. You won’t have to lose time closing all the apps anymore, with one swipe down everything will be closed and you will save time. You have the option in the setting to prevent it from closing the applications which play music, so you won’t lose your music.

xpro tweak ios13

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This is the smallest but very important tweak. As you might know, apple sometimes will try very hard to make you update to the latest version of iOS. Sometimes by mistake you might approve apple the update your iOS. If you do that you are going to lose the jailbreak and maybe even get stuck into a boot loop. This tweak will prevent all of that by blocking all the future iOS updates.

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Some other tweaks you might find useful are:

  • AppStore++
  • CCModules
  • CicleIcons
  • CleanPlayer
  • Filza File Manager
  • HideYourApps
  • HideBarX
  • SmallSiri
  • iCleaner
  • Color Flow 5
  • Cylinder

These are not as useful as the one I described but a tweak is a tweak and it can be useful in many cases. Check them out and see if you want to use them.



These are the Best iOS 13.5 Jailbreak Tweaks which you can install from Cydia & Sileo 2020. All of these will improve your experience in iOS and allow you to increase your productivity by cutting the time it takes to do certain actions. These tweaks might not be fully updated for ios 13.5 yet, therefore you might have to wait before you can safely update them. Please check the version and feedback from others before and installing it. 


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