As we learned yesterday, a build of iOS 14 has been leaked back in December but we only found out about this outbreak recently. Today we are going to look at some features leaked in the past and now found in the iOS 14 build. The features are dated back in December, therefore, we cannot say that Apple will keep all of them or not add new ones. What we are looking for today is one of the attempts Apple had for its next unfinished iOS 14. 

All of these features are based on code and not on actual functionality. The iOS 14 was not run on a device but the code was inspected by hackers and developers who got their hands on the build. As we discussed yesterday, the build circulated the internet a lot more and it was also sold to other people. From this we can just expect to get more information about it in time. And now starting with the feature we know:

ios 14 concept leaks

New iOS 14 Homescreen

Users will be able to change the look of their home screen by changing the classic icon grid view to a list view as implemented in the Apple Watch. Having a list view can help you find applications and could be more useful to people then having a grid view with many pages or many folders. This is because it can be very easy to lose an application in certain circumstances. You could use the search as well, but with a list view everything can be sorted alphabetically as seen in the Apple Watch. 

There are also some details that tell us that the list view can be used as a filter and only show the application with a notification. The list view could either replace the entire home screen or a special button will be available to activate the filter and overall keep the grid look.


Apple Pay 3rd party integration

Until now, Apple Pay has been locked to Apple and specific Banks only. In iOS 14 it seems Apple will allow 3rd party applications to include their online payment methods into Apple Pay. An example would be Alipay which was mentioned in the leaked iOS 14 build. Paypal could be another option. These 2 are mainly used to pay online and doesn’t require you to fill any card details. It makes sense to allow users to use whatever payment they choose tho but I believe they will still have to go through the Apple verification and we don’t know if contactless payments will be a thing or just online payments.

ios 14 concept

New Wallpaper Settings Integration

Usually, with every new iOS version Apple will add new specific wallpapers and remove some of the old ones. These wallpapers can be found in settings and only Apple had access to change them. From iOS 14 3rd party applications will be able to get access to the wallpaper section in the settings and add their own wallpapers there for the user to choose from. This will allow more options for the users and better integration for these kinds of apps.

Currently in order to use a custom wallpaper from a 3rd party application you have to save the photo in your library and from there you will have to manually set it as a wallpaper for the home screen, lock screen, or both.


Be part of ‘ Shot on iPhone’ promotion

You probably saw many Ads from Apple around in some way or another. Most of the time they will promote the camera and give examples of great photos with the tag ‘Shot on iPhone’. You probably don’t know but you can submit your photos to be part of this promotion but many do not know that. Apple will make it easier by adding this option in the Photos app in one way or another. We predict this will be an option in the share menu after you take a photo.

ios 14 list view apple watch comparison


After a build for iOS 14 has been leaked, we have a small summary of some of the features which we will probably see at WWDC next month for the next release of iOS 14. The new features we are currently aware of are, list view in the home screen, Apple Pay for 3rd party applications, new wallpapers in the settings from 3rd party applications, and submitting your photos to ‘Shot on iPhone’ promotion. These are leaks based on the December iOS 14 which could change or not make their way to the final build.


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