After numerous rumors and leaks about the Apple Glasses, we finally have some evidence that the new Apple Glasses will be released in 2020. Even if Apple is not the first to announce something like this, they always wait for the right opportunity, the right technology and the right reason to innovate a new product. They want to make sure that their product will succeed, and that people will actually find a reason to buy it.


The new Apple Glasses will have special spatial awareness due to the new U1 Chip, which was recently implemented into the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. That chip will allow the glasses to track its environment very easily by using ultra-wide frequencies. They will be used as an accessory which will require an iPhone in order to work, the same way the apple watches work these days. They will have special lasers and lenses to project images in your eyes with a large field of view. And most probably a camera, which will help you take the best picture anytime.


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What feature will make Apple Glasses be the best?

First of all, one of the biggest Apple leaker, Ming-Chi Kuo, says they should be released later this year or in 2020. We will say that the probability for these to come out in 2019 is quite low. However, he gave us some inside about the feature we should expect.


The new glasses will be used for Augmented Reality at a much bigger level. Apple already spent a lot of time in the development of AR and the results were amazing for the developers. They also keep investing in this technology and builds their software around it just because soon Apple Glasses will need the same technology to represent accurate graphics in your eyes. For example, you walk on the streets of a different country and projection of a restaurant name will appear in your language with their menu and offer. The GPS functionality will see where you are, and the cameras can recognize the streets and the restaurant, so the glasses will gather all the relevant data and show it to you.


All the images will be projected into your eyes with some very small and smart laser projectors. They will continuously project certain objects and UI elements in the environment. If you look in a different direction you can choose if these elements will follow your eyes or just be locked in that space. This means, street names will be projected in certain places if you look at someone else you won’t see them anymore. But the time or the weather condition will be in front of your eyes even if you look somewhere else.


The U1 Chip will allow the glasses to track specific chips sets around your home for a better indoor detection where the light source might not be as good as outside. This tracking can also allow you to play games without ever having tracking problems. Another technology mention was the use of AirDrop between your glasses and iPhone. Whenever you look at your iPhone, the U1 chips in both devices will be connected together. Data can be transferred much faster without needing to wait to fetch it with Bluetooth.

apple smart glasses concept 2020


Google, the competition

Everyone knows and remember Google Glasses which were originally announced in 2013 for developers. However, most of us also know that they never saw the consumer market. Google stopped the production of the prototypes in 2015, but 2 years later in 2017, they released a new version of the glasses called “Enterprise Edition” which were not a lot more special. In 2019 they released the “Enterprise Edition 2” and still in 2019, barely anyone knows that Google Glasses are a thing.


Google glasses were not a bad product, they were supposed to integrate an entire mobile phone into a pair of glasses. These glasses were supposed to have GPS which would have helped you get around just by showing arrows in front of your eyes. You could have taken pictures just by tapping a side of the glasses or take a video by double-tapping. And also, the most important one, notification. They would have shown you all your notification in fronts of your eyes like text messages, phone calls, or emails. But do we want all of that in our eyes?

Google smart Glasses 2013


Amazon, the competition

Amazon is also getting into this market as always. They just released today “Echo Frames” which from the name you could tell what you can do with them. You can talk with Alexa of course. Order your next laptop, or groceries. Play some music on your wireless speakers or turn on the heating. In time we will see if this is enough for a pair of glasses to make sales. Maybe we will see them on the streets from next week something which google was not able to do in many years of development.


These Glasses are not as smart as Google Glasses, but they should make you feel more into the future. They won’t show anything in your eyes, but you will see a blue LED next to your right eyebrow which lights up whenever Alexa is listening. You can play music in a very strange way. These glasses don’t have bone conductivity like some headphones, they have some special speakers which fire downwards and you can hear it, but other people will should not even if they are next to you.

amazon echo smart glasses 2019



Apple Glasses will be released later in 2019 or in 2020. They will have special lasers to project images and track your eyes. AR technology which is already available on iPhones will be used at a much greater scale with Apple Glasses. The new U1 chip will also be present for different purposes. The Apple Glasses will be depended to your iPhone the same way the Apple Watch is. Google was not able to reach the Smart Glasses market and Amazon just released a new pair of much less sophisticated Glasses.


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