The Apple Glass is the final name as the totally leaked by Jon Prosser and it could be released as early as this fall 2020 together with iPhone 12 as we discussed previously. Jon Prosser leaked all the details from how it will look, what sensors, how it will work, and even the price of the device. All of these Apple Glass leaks will be noted here for you yo check out. Jon Prosser is the owner of FrontPageTech and has a leak accuracy of ~81% which makes him a very trustworthy source in the apple market. 

Apple is definitely not very happy about such a big leak. Apple Glass was supposed to be their “One more thing” at the September Event announcing the glasses together with the iPhone 12. We will also discuss some other leaks from Max Weinbach which match Jon’s and by putting everything together we have a great final product.

apple glass name

Naming the Apple Glass

Yes, it is called Apple Glass. Very similar to the name from Google Glass but it is clean and represents Apple. It is also very similar to the Apple Watch and shows us that they keep the same naming scheme for their accessories and making people feel like they already know this name and allow the product to be already familiar. This way is much better than just giving it a new unique name which might become memorable or people who are not interested in the product won’t know what it is. 


The Look of Apple Glass

The Glasses will look just like normal glasses, nothing Science Fiction or something to tell everyone that this person is wearing the Apple Glass. Therefore, these will blend in as normal glasses and people won’t be able to tell the difference unless they specifically know how they look like. They are futuristic in some way but in a good way. Sharp edges and out of metal will represent the premium feel from Apple. Jon said and I quote they will be “sleek as hell” and we trust Jon.

Apple is targeting the large audience and not only professionals. This is a good reason for why they want the design to be friendly. If Apple sees an opportunity and some demand we are sure they will also address the more professional users.

apple glass build

Apple Glasses cost $499

The price is somewhere fair thinking that apple is selling Mac Pro wheels for $700. You can buy the glasses in different colors for this amount and you will also have the option to order prescription lenses for an additional fee. We do not know exactly how much extra we will pay for the prescription lenses but we approximate it to be at around $100.


How does Apple Glass work

The entire processing will be done on your iPhone. The Glasses will operate similarly to what the original Apple Watch did with the initial software. What does that mean? The Glasses will act as an additional Screen or a device with an external body. All the requests and computation is done on your phone and the information is sent to the Apple Glasses to be shown over the new Wi-Fi standard IEEE 802.11ay. That means the iPhone 12 will support this new Wi-Fi standard and older phones might use a different kind of connection or they might not be supported at all. 

apple glass grey

What is the Apple Glass made off?

Aluminum. As everything apple makes, it has to feel premium, light, and look good. Aluminum is their go-to material for all their devices such as iPhone, Apple Watches, and Macs. This material will make a big difference in the glasses industry which usually you find a lot of plastic. But at this price we expect to have a premium feeling device.


Are we going to see Apple Glass in 2020?

Initially, we know Apple planned a  “One More Thing” for the announcement in September 2020, but now due to delays in the industry we could expect these to be announced in the March or June event of 2021. This doesn’t yet exclude a 2020 announcement but is a bit optimistic. The announcement doesn’t mean release. We expect these to be released at the end of 2021 or early 2022.

Apple could announce these early and only release them later as they did with AirPods and AirPower. This approach allows the media to talk about them 2 times and creates more hype and expectation for the product. They will also use the extra time to perfect the product.

apple glass metal

Lidar sensor in Apple Glass

Apple won’t include a camera in the classes as many speculated instead they will include lidar sensors as seen in the latest iPad Pro 2020. Based on Max Winebach, Apple was testing a version with dual cameras but they decided to not go this way due to the failure of Snapchat Spectacles. Having cameras pointing at people all the time might make people feel hostile and not feel friendly.

For the first generation Apple Glass, they will keep the Lidar and this will help the system a lot with AR which is one of the main uses for the glasses.


Charging the Apple Glass

They will have a wireless charging case as seen in the Snapchat Spectacles. You are going to charge the case with a cable or maybe even wireless charge the case, and the glasses will charge while in the case. Based on Jon and Max, they won’t have a metal connector but they will charge wirelessly while in the case.

snapchat spectacles case

Apple Watch Displays in Lenses

Yes, you will actually have displays with pixels in the lenses. As many know, OLED panels are actually transparent and can be used in many ways, and this is one of them. The classes won’t use any type of projector as initially predicted, each lens will have its own display. Jon said that you can only see the screen while wearing the glasses and only from the back. Therefore we assume other people cant see what we are watching.


Apple Glass’ Starboard

Starboard is the name Apple want for their UI Software. It sounds like a perfect name for the AR functionality. You are going to control the Glasses with gestures on and in front of the device. That means you could swipe on one of the frames for certain actions or you could ‘touch’ the image in front of you and the software using the lidar vision will detect what you are aiming to move or how you try to navigate.


Can you get the Apple Glass tinted? 

No. Apple won’t release a version with tinted lenses. At least not in the initial release. We speculate that the tint could come in the 2nd generation Apple Glass but we don’t have anything concrete at this time. 

The reason behind this decision is that it is very hard to display content over tinted lenses. Therefore, until the technology is ready we will only have normal and prescripted lenses.



Apple Glass is the name of the next Apple product which will be mostly be used for AR. It will have a starting price of $499. These will be announced at the September event 2020 or March 2021. The Apple Glasses will work only while connected to an iPhone because all the processing will be done on the phone. The lenses contain displays and other people won’t be able to see what you see. Apple Glass is made out of aluminum and they will feel premium while still looking like normal glasses. More information will come as we approach the announcement date.


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