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The iDevice is the place where you come to have an overview of the entire Apple ecosystem. If you are interested in anything from Apple’s lineup you will be happy to be here.

You will learn details about future releases of new Apple products and software. Or find out what Apple is working and planning for the next couple of years. All the leaks on this website are coming from trusted people who have been in the industry for years and proved themselves to be trustworthy.

You will be the first to learn about new and hidden features in the next versions of iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS, and macOS. These features will help you increase your productivity and speed up the way you work.

We will present to you the hardware of certain devices and how new changes to these improve the overall machine. With our guides you can learn everything about the hardware you are using.

We will present you with the latest jailbreak news and guides to teach you how to unlock the full potential of your iPhone or iPad and also what ware the best jailbroken apps and tweaks to install.


Stay with us and learn more about the Ecosystem. By using The iDevice you learn everything from, by, and about Apple.